Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Lawmaker to state troopers: 'silly for a state rep to get a ticket' (Representative Cecil Brockman (D-Guilford) on November 30 for failing to wear his seat belt)

“[He’s saying] he’s a state representative from this area and he doesn’t appreciate the way he’s been talked to and treated,” the second trooper responded.

According to the conversation between the two troopers, Brockman also questioned why it took three officers to conduct the traffic stop.

“Well, he wouldn’t stop,” Allred said. “That’s what I told him. Whenever someone doesn’t stop, we’re going to be out here checking on each other. It’s about officer safety,” the second trooper responded.

When Allred finally returned to the car with a citation for the seatbelt violation, Brockman made it clear he was displeased.

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(welcome to having to live by the law you dimwit elitist snob)


  1. Typical Democrat, first thing you do is throw the race card. As Bugs would say, "What a maroon."

  2. #1 Above the law.
    #2 Race card.

    I hate both equally!!!