Wednesday, June 17, 2015

GT 500 that went missing, and never turned up, the one Jim Morrison crashed on Sunset Dr.

The legend of Jim Morrison's night mist blue 1967 Mustang GT 500 starts after the release of The Door's self titled debut album. Apparently the executives at Electra Records were so happy with Morrison's work on the album that they awarded him with the brand new Ford Mustang. The mystery arises after an incident one night in Los Angeles when Morrison allegedly ran his new Mustang into a pole on Sunset Boulevard.

After hitting the pole Morrison allegedly walked up the street to The Whiskey A Go Go where the Doors had performed regularly helping to spread the word around Los Angeles about the popular band. Later that night when he returned to retrieve the car it had vanished. Some say that Morrison never looked into the car to find out where it was or who had towed it. Ever since then noone can truly say where the car is or if it has survived.

His GT500 was a little unusual in that it came with a parchment interior instead of black, the more common choice for a Nightmist Blue metallic body color. Morrison's GT500 also came with the early production twin driving lamps paired close together in the center of the grille.

Morrison's ownership of the car was shared with the accounting firm who handled the Doors finances. The California State Vehicle Registration shows James Douglas Morrison's name on top with "care of Johnson/Harbrand" below. Johnson/Harbrand was a chartered accounting firm and it exists today as Johnson/Harbrand/Foster/Davis. The registration paper was dated April 30th, 1969 and revealed the licence plate was VRD 389.

Shelby American Auto Club (SAAC) 1967 Shelby registrar, Dave Matthews. Dave was very forthcoming and believes the car was destroyed by October 1969. Dave has no details on the accident other than as registrar he has never seen a car with Morrison's VIN number appear.

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