Thursday, April 03, 2014

well this is sorta cool and gadgety


  1. Jess, I got to say this. "Sorta cool and gadgety" is what's destroying the mom and pop auto repair industry. Unless you are independently wealthy, and can afford all the hi tech tools that are required to fix these electronic nightmares you don't stand much of a chance.

    Let's face it, the mechanic has become a dinosaur, and it is the electronic scalier with a doctorate that has replaced these hard working people.

    I believe this was the intent all along by the auto industries. To push these folks out of business as they (the car companies) viewed them as a thorn in their side.

    Ultimately the mechanic, in the true sense of the word, is lost. And again America loses another member of its entrepreneuring class to a Jetson fantasy world fueled by the uneducated public, its government and the automotive press.

    Jesse, I appreciate you putting this up on your blog so I, and maybe others, can comment about this "new world" stuff. Keep up the great work sir, and thanks.

    1. whoops! I meant to reply, not to comment, so please read the reply I meant for you below, and if you ever care to, just email me direct at if using the comment function isn't exactly what you have in mind when trying to talk to me

  2. these gadgets like I posted aren't repairable. Replaceable yes, but not repairable. I'm broke, and in credit card debt, moderately badly, just so you understand I don't post things I can afford, or anticipate buying. You've written quite a bit of a comment on the auto makers, and I can't take enough time to properly respond to it all, but I disagree with your conspiracy theory, though I only have an opinion and not facts, it's my belief that the car makers only operate to stay in business, not make cars. They make cars to stay in business, not the other way around... and they don't profit a penny from repairs. In fact, recalls hurt the makers, and cut their profits. So... maybe you will see what I mean, even if we don't agree. Car makers sell cars to dealerships, end of business transaction. The dealerships make more profit from the repair shop side of the lot than the sales, though I again give my opinion, not a looked up fact. The dealerships might not benefit from losing mechanics, if my theory and opinion are correct, as charging the customer per hour to repair and maintain is the bread and butter of a dealership, and selling cars is the gravy. Umm, the automotive press is assisting in fueling the loss of the entrepreneuring class of mechanics and shops? Not me! Nor do I agree that Hot Rod, Car Craft, Rodders Journal, Automobile, Car and Driver, Auto Week, nor Rod and Kustom Illustrated do that either. I subscribe and read them every month. Maybe the magazines that I don't read do as you say, but I wouldn't know about them. I only put this up cause I dig cool stuff, and gadgety stuff... it's not like anyone fixing up a car will deal with electronics on this scale anyway, or even deal with big harness stuff. Besides, there are more pre 1970 cars driven than post 1970 cars. Or am I wrong?