Saturday, April 05, 2014

a Henderson? Nope, a computer graphic

Found on

this image is from a gallery that exhibits the above bike in a range of colors... but the shifter handle and exhaust are different from the black bike we've all been surprised by, also the real bike has the engine below the fairing

Which I posted in a gallery at

and a full gallery of the black bike at

and before it was restored it was the following:

So I conclude the yellow is a computer rendered image. 


  1. I believe that post at simply takes the original black creation of Orley Ray Courtney and assigns different colors to it. There is only one rolling piece of art like that. It is based on a Henderson. It is a good story that you can find here:

    1. I think you are wrong, the windshield is not a recolor job, and the exhaust and shifter handle are different. I'm certain this is a new Henderson, not the black one we've all been amazed by. The seat is far darker as well, but you could argue the color is a change possibly done by cgi... but not the exhaust.

  2. I am not trying to turn this into a pissing contest- why would I want to offend one of my favorite bloggers? However, I took it upon myself to ask Alvi about the possibility of copies of O.Ray Courtney's Henderson based scooter and he was kind enough to provide an answer concerning his post:
    Hello JRStarkie,
    Sorry I do not speak English and use google translator
    Yes, the original O. Ray Courtney is in black color. I know it's a single model.
    I will bring it with 3D software, Maxon Cinema 4D and have done in different colors from the original to see how it would look in other colors.
    Best regards,

    2014-04-07 11:52 GMT+02:00 JRStarkie :
    Are the multiple color images of Orley Ray Courtney's original creation simply created by computer software? To the best of your knowledge there is only one original motorcycle like that and it was done in black; isn't that correct?
    I am sorry I do not speak or write Spanish.
    Thank you,

    1. I don't speak or write spanish either, so that isn't going to hold me back from saying I misunderstood.. and thought that the yellow was a color treatment of the black, and I was pointing out the minutiae differences int eh shifter handle, and the exhaust. Clearly there was the one black, and no others made and this computer image is a stunning display of computer animation / drawing... my mistake! I was very sure it wasn't the black, and we were both right