Monday, February 24, 2014

Unusual ambulance

Found on

Looks a lot like a Suburban


  1. Well, it's not unusual, or at least, not was. The wagon is a Veraneio, brazilian Chevrolet's version of the american Suburban (it's based on C10 chassis) produced from the late 60's to early 90's. It was widelly used as ambulances, police and firefighter's service cars, and also as family car. More info can be found in
    Again, regards from Sao Paulo

  2. Are you in love with Brazil? :D :D :D A lot of brazilian cars in your blog!

    This ambulance is not unusual in Brazil. It is a Chevrolet Veraneio, based on the C-10 pick-up. It was ambulance, police car (search for "camburão") and family car.

    You need to talk about my favorite brazilian Chevy, the might Chevrolet Opala!!!

    1. Of course! Isn't everyone? Few countries have a car culture as deep and varied.. I enjoy several sites Flaviogomes, Carrosantigos, 21 studs... all have a rich and terrific content to enjoy. Eurpoean sites? Not very much at all