Friday, February 28, 2014

inside wrecked cars... notice the one thing they all have in common?


  1. Boy, that raises a lot of questions. Mainly, what's the point of having this expensive safety feature if it doesn't work? All totaled, how many of air bag equipped vehicles will work if and when needed? Is there a shelf life to air bag devices? Jesse, this is just crazy.

  2. As far as I understand the seatbelt needs to be worn to activate the airbag, otherwise it won't deploy on impact.

  3. These pictures are have no way of knowing how these cars were wrecked, which would tell you if the airbags should have deployed or not.
    For example...the first photo looks like it was an engine fire by the way the windshield is blackened and cracked. The second and third photos are of the same car, just one taken with flash and one without. And, you don't know if the car was parked or not when the damage occurred.
    The fourth photo looks like something fell on the car (like a tree branch), which wouldn't set off the air bags, and the fifth photo looks like another burn job.
    Air bags are designed to deploy only under the right circumstances...which include rate of deceleration, angle of deflection, weight of the driver, etc...
    I've been in the auto body repair industry over 20 years, at both the independent and dealer levels, and very rarely have I seen one malfunction or deploy improperly.
    Just my 2 cents...