Thursday, February 20, 2014

Muscle Car Nationals coming to Pomona! The Street Machine and Muscle Car Nats are going to be March 22nd and 23rd


  1. so, Jess... are you going to this, or the MJ world finals in Vegas?

    1. This, as I don't know what the MJ world finals are. Pomona is 3.5 hours closer to San Diego. Oh.. Monster Jam!
      I can't get a media pass request through to the boneheads at Feld Motorsports... they simply do not respond to their media pass request email they have on their site. I can't afford to drive to Vegas, buy a ticket, and return to San Diego. That's 11 hours on the road, 80 for gas (2 days pay) plus 40ish bucks for a ticket. That's nearly 3 days pay for me. I just have to much to pay on bills... hell, my cell phone to get wi fi to put content on this site is 140 a month. So, muscle car nats is for sure going to be all I can do this year. Besides, they are nice and easy to get ahold of and already said I can have a media pass. That is only 4 hours on the road and 35 dollars of gas. I can swing that on the credit card I can't pay down. Who is this by the way?