Sunday, December 08, 2013

Mopars were hated and slandered pretty bad by the March 1971 issue of Hot Cars and High Performance Stockers, their stupidity is likely why they don't exist anymore

Holy shit. They called the 'Bird a turd. Ignorant? Instant awesome and collectible. Nice spelling of Gotham you assholes

the only on call hoodscoop I can think of on any car ever made. Their sarcasm aside, it was cool, tuff, and boss

Contrarily, I think the 71 Barracuda was very good looking due to the grill and gills

Looks like a Duster, and yeah, it's paint wasn't high quality, because the Duster was about the cheapest car you could by from Plymouth

Might be a jargon term, but "Limp"? Dimple maybe

thanks to J for sending me this from the March 1971 Hot Cars and High Performance Stockers


  1. Anonymous10:34 AM

    Super turds from Gothan City! I want to hire this guy to guest blog for us!

  2. "Limp"? Maybe they meant to write lip? Anyway, to me it looks like someone from brand X was slamming Mother MoPar because they didn't like the fact that Chrysler Corp. was basically handing them their collective asses at the assorted racing events. Hey, I just say, ya know?

  3. What's REALLY odd is that they are a year late on the Superbird comment. The model was already discontinued!!!

    1. Damn Scooter, you're right. And just think, if you are lucky enough to have one of these limited number (lemon) Superbird's in your possession it's worth a fortune today. Even with the crappy economy.

  4. They actually slammed all of Detroit's auto makers.....I was only interested in the Chrysler Corp. section.

  5. Well who ever "They" were, I'll bet they're eating crow now. ;-]]

  6. The guy that wrote the "Lemons" article went by the stage name: Seymore Balz.

    No where do I see his real identity revealed.