Tuesday, December 10, 2013

5 top Toyota television commercials

5. Angry Girl Friend: Toyota Tacoma Double Cab

This angry girl is in for a big surprise when she tries to destroy her boyfriend’s Toyota Tacoma. The car rolls down the cliff, but only to land on its feet like a cat ready to strike. The rough video footage makes the actual stunt seem authentic; viewers get the feeling that this girl wants her boyfriend back and she will do anything to get him. But, the power of the Toyota Tacoma is just too much for her.

4. Swagger Wagon: Toyota Sienna

Priceless! This one includes two extremely “normal” parents rocking out their Swagger Wagon Toyota Sienna. Their kids are adorable, the setting “realistic” and the music pumpin’. Toyota created a Swagger Wagon series for YouTube with the Swagger Wagon Family living their life with their Sienna, but showin’ the world their Swagger. Nothing is taboo as they take on tea parties, cupcake sales, and baby bottles in this gem of a commercial series. You cannot help but laugh at the way the Swagger Family takes on suburbia and the typical family that has to show the world what good parents they really are. The Swaggers take family time to a new place and once you start watching their antics, you will find it is difficult to stop.

the above I posted once before http://justacarguy.blogspot.com/2010/05/swagger-wagon-ode-to-minivan.html

3. Toyota Corona vs. the Green Monster

This commercial shows us that Toyota has been airing plucky commercials for many years. This advertisement from the late 1960s is absolutely hilarious as it showcases the strengths of this affordable, economic, and clever little car against a high speed rocket car. It is worth the 1:01 of time it takes to watch it from start to finish.

While you watch this video, pay attention to the background noises as the announcer praises the amazing abilities from the Corona and denounces the terrible statistics of the Green Monster. It is also interesting to consider that this commercial is two times as long as the thirty second commercials we normally watch today. Also remember, no one could TIVO or DVR this beauty; when it came on, you had to watch it!

2. Starving Intern: Toyota Corolla

This one dates back to the 1970s, but it such a classic spoof from the 1970s. This commercial featured the popular actress Edie McClurg who was fresh off of her role in the horror film Carrie. The catchy slogan and the cars magically popping in from nowhere was the hallmark of the 1970s Toyota commercials. The outlandishly odd MPG ratings, the Harvest Gold Corolla, and the Starving Intern restaurant really bring out the kitsch factor in this little gem from 1977. In the 1970’s with “You Asked For It, You Got It!” commercials, viewers knew that the Toyotas would instantly pop up in a variety of places, like bedrooms, concert halls, and more. The 1980’s saw another memorable slogan: “Oh What a Feeling!” This slogan always finished with Toyota owners jumping for joy because of their love for their new Toyota.

1.Reinvented: Toyota Camry

Super Bowl commercials are usually some of the most memorable commercials ever and the “Reinvented Camry” from 2012 is quite memorable. No one will be able to forget the reinvented couch. Who would not want to be pulled over by the reinvented police officer? This one is sure to go into the record books as a clever, impressive, and extremely inspired laugh fest. It is even more unexpected because the Camry is one of the best selling cars in the United States. In the late 1990s, the Toyota Camry held the position of top selling car for four years straight and it has constantly received awards for its quality, affordability, and drivability. Once you realize this commercial is not only funny, but extremely ironic because of the fact that the Camry is such a classy, clean, and tasteful car, the commercial becomes even better. Nothing that was “reinvented” is clean, classy, or even tasteful – unless you decide to taste the yummy curtains!

all videos and text from http://www.toyotaplace.com/blog/2012/09/01/five-best-toyota-commercials-of-all-time/  the first good dealership blog I've found!

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  1. What a great selection! Those were hilarious! Thanks for posting them. Now, if I could only get the Swagger Wagon ear worm out of my head!