Saturday, July 06, 2013

Sad news to pass along, the photojournalist blogger and all around nice guy Jae Bueno passed away this week


Something I just found he had written about photographing shows his class,

" I too have been approached my a car owner who was not happy that I was photographing his car. He was not happy that I was working for a magazine and was going to make money off of his car. I heard him out and proceeded to delete the image while he watched. As I walked away, he asked what magazine I was shooting for when I answered him, his "mood" changed and he asked if if I would take another shot "cause he's always wanted to be in the magazine". I respectful reminded him that he did not want me taking photos of his car and walked away. Every now and then I see him at a show. I will photograph every car around his but I will not photograph his. He has never approached me again. His loss, not mine." from

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