Thursday, July 04, 2013

1942 Hudson Woody found in Death Valley, then recreated

This 1942 Hudson Woody Wagon was found at 7,000 ft above Death Valley. At some point in the 50’s it had been stripped of its interior, trim and drivetrain and used as a supply wagon to be dragged behind a tractor by a local miner. In 1969 it was brought back down the moutainside with the intention of restoring it. With its frame past the point of saving, the wagon was used as a template to build a replica body on a donor frame, a process that took over 5 years.

 The wagon now sits beside its replica at Hostetler’s Hudson Auto Museum in Shipshewana IN. The most unique feature of this car is that the door panels were extended to cover the running boards, where nearly all Hudsons (and most other woodies) have the door panels come strait down and stop just above the running boards (leaving them exposed).



  1. The claires still lived at their camp on and off in 1969. I am pretty sure this car came from their camp. Many things were stolen from them in those years. Hopefully this was not one of those things.

    1. it makes me sad to hear about someone's camp being stolen from... I grew up in Michigan, land of seasonal camps.