Monday, February 25, 2013

Hybrid repellant


  1. About as dumb as the sticker of Calvin peeing on a Ford logo.

    I've had a Prius and a Firebird LT1... currently drive a Highlander Hybrid and building a resto-mod with a Hemi. There is no "either or", only what's the right tool for the job.

    1. Brad, seriously lighten up. You vented about a sticker joke you think is stupid. Really? My blog is full of things I think are amusing, and you aren't probably going to like them. I think Hybrids are a waste of heavy metals in the battery manufacturing process, and are factually creating more toxic waste than a gas engined car of the same function. It's insane that you or anyone buys into the hybrid bs, instead of getting a 50 mpg gas or diesel engined car. I've known 4 cars that get 50 mpg or better from off the top of my head. You must have a better reason than the gas mileage, don't you? A Honda CRX gets 50, a Tmpo Diesel gets 52, etc etc. Sure those aren't trendy, but is a Prius, really? A Cruze Eco gets 43mpg, and looks terrific, costs less, and has the same creature comfort features as a Prius. Anyway, just kick back, enjoy the bs I find amusing, and let the world spin on it's axis, it's all just getting up one day closer to dead, so find something enjoyable between now and then to keep yourself amused

  2. I said "dumb", not "my soul is crying out in agony". I'm lightened!

    More or less observing that a lot of guys - not you, mind you - go homophobic around anything with fewer than 8 cylinders. I thin there are lots of vehicles that fit lots of circumstances. With big dogs, a wife that transports large items for her interior design business, wanting a tow vehicle for our Airstream and a lot of stop-n-go city driving... we've been very happy with the flexibility of the Highlander.

    Even with toxic waste factored in, I feel that purchasing a hybrid goes beyond the single event of a purchase. It's voicing support for alternatives to gas-only cars. Sure ours is lead acid... but part of what drives manufacturers (I think) is them seeing strength in a particular market. That hybrid market is hungry for lithium, hydrogen, or whatever comes next. Rome wasn't built in a day.

    Regardless, I do enjoy the site! As for my insanity, I haven't gotten the lab results back.