Saturday, December 08, 2012

Ian Roussel's newest build, the Bucket O Fun

video found on

and the engine is a Diamond REO, not a Rio. You know that, REO was a company from waayyy back in 1904 when Ransom E Olds made the REO company to make cars and trucks, busses were made too. Diamond T made trucks and semis (tractor trailer / 18 wheelers / (or whatever you call them)) and REO and Diamond T merged in 1967. The White trucking company bought that, and that is how a Diamond REO engine comes from a White truck. As soon as I read Rio, I knew that some explanation would be a good thing

if you can't remember where you heard the name Ian Roussel, it might have been from the Space Junkie at Gene Winfield's open house  or the video


  1. That looks an awful lot like Henry Kesslers' Build not Ian Rousells' wonder how that could have happened?

    1. dude, right on the 4th photo, on the call board, it says it belongs to Henry Kessler... so maybe you can not link to dead videos on Youtube, change your name, and not bug me about such dichotomies