Sunday, December 02, 2012

1966 Charger funny car on Ebay today, 1964 426 hemi, some parts, all in bad shape, but made of unobtainium

this might be a score, or a money pit. No idea. I bet his reserve is 100k

For sale 1966 charger funny car, this the first year for the fiberglass flopper body, this body was made by Fiber Glass Limited in Stone Park, Illinois. With what I have researched they have only made 11 bodies in 66. These bodies were originally made with a 1 piece nose, two doors and the body. I don't know the history of this car, all the parts you see in the pictures came with the car. Things I do know about the parts, the block is a 64 426 hemi and the heads are 65 Aloca K-Heads, the block has been machined and ready for assembly, the block has been repaired but has been pressured tested good, the heads looked in very poor condition. I had the heads completely re-freshed with new seats and stainless valves. I have crank, rods, and misc. parts for engine. I have torqueflight, tranz and the rear end is an olds with 488 spool and Mickey Thompson case.  Also I have the frame that came with the car which is included in the auction but would not have been original to the car. 
Any Questions call Randy (626)  297-9230

Thanks Jay!

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