Friday, November 30, 2012

few prototypes and concept cars are coming up in emails that I haven't seen before, but Randy found one with some previously that I had never seen

coincidentally this 1948 Cadillac Series 62 by Soutchik was just the car in a 2012 calendar that a coworker has... and I was going to look it up. Now I don't need to!
this car was in the Imperial Casino car collection/ museum

 1953 Cadillac by Ghia... the Rita Hayworth car
it has an interesting history and the color in daylight is closer to purple.

1955 Lincoln Indianapolis

these two studio shots of the Lincoln are from

1956 Oldsmobile Golden Rocket had an interesting design for a steering wheel. the spokes are at one side. Looks like maybe the speedometer was in the center of the steering wheel too... imagine how far that steering wheel would roll up toward the roof

1957 Chrysler Diablo by Ghia


  1. I saw this 1948 Cadillac a cople of years ago in a car museum in Las Vegas. Not the best photos - the space was very limited between the cars - but the picture of the interior maybe worth a click:

    Guess what! The 1953 Ghia Caddy at the same place at the same time:

    1. thanks! That Ghia Cadillac was one I'd posted before, and with the history and inside photo I used that link instead of yours, becuase it has more to offer readers. Good memory you have for the cars you've posted! Thanks!