Sunday, November 25, 2012

A company seems to think there is a market for luxury armored vehicles... I wonder if that is farfetched. The Kombat T98 looks tough though


  1. Probably not far fetched. As Western, occidental society continues to implode, and wealth distribution becomes more polarised, those able to afford such may well indeed want/need such.
    Interesting that it appears to have a Chevrolet drivetrain, yet a Russian sounding person is listed as 'import director' ; are they not made here I wonder?

  2. I would have liked to see the interior of this monster. This company made several special editions in the past. You may have read about it a year or two in some auto sites. They were advertising seats made from whale penis! Yes you read that correctly. Gladly Greenspeace got on their case and saved us all from whale penis! lol definately a russian thing. lol TopoftheLine