Sunday, April 15, 2012

Viva Las Vegas wrap up of great stuff that I enjoyed

 someone is decking out this bicycle, literally.
 Even clipped a playing card to the rear spokes
 way cool brake light

 2nd best looking DeSoto there, but only because it's not topless with women standing in it. Serious cool paint scheme, great chrome, everything is just right

RNDL that is all they needed, not 6 speeds with overdrive.

 Most amazingly, this isn't the first vehicle with drive in speakers I've seen, the other was a 32 Ford delivery at GNRS

 What the hell is this I asked, and someone immediately used their superior vision to read the very small print around the center of the dial to read that it is an altimeter, made by Airguide.

 Tiki mask speakers, awesome

 Just because the word Hot Rod was in the car show title, doesn't mean we aren't interested in looking over your old Harley! Love it!

 First time I've seen a car club name on the sun visors... most ingenius! My compliments!

Glittery, ain't it

 look at the seat, the stars and stripes seat. If you have no idea what that is, you've lived a long way from farms. It's a milk barrel, and it's topped with a tractor seat. That is some true redneck ingenuity.

 Margarita mixer

 It's very different from the norm, it's a Studebaker speedometer

 It's a Hudson body dropped onto a Cadillac chassis and powertrain. Must be the only one in existence.

 rolling art

 Boxed in, but who needs doors to open?

 Above, a Mercury I'm not familiar with, a 62 Monterey with taillights that seem to be mimicing the Chrysler 300 and Imperial style

 Nice flying eyeball and color scheme
 Big damn Cadillac

 One of the coolest kids wagons I've seen

 Best looking DeSoto and suede and chrome vehicle at the show.

handmade long runner intake for Webers for pete's sake

 Interesting shifter

 Hardtop convertible?

 One of the best examples of lace paint I've seen in a while. Thanks Larry Watson and Von Dutch for collaborating to invent lace painting

 an example of one car among many that I believe are instantly identifiable just from a corner of the whole car to a car guy, especially the musclecar era

 awesome helmet looking air filter tops. My compliments to Gary's Hot Rods and Harleys

 Effing cool logo design too
 Bitchin grill

 Looks like the teeth in this grill have cavities... not cool when behind such a nice chromed bumper

 great looking instrument panel, adn the helmet over the shifter is a good look too
 Damn. I like it. Sorta reminiscent of the Cobra movie Mercury of Sylvester Stallone

 I don't understand the mini motor in the front of the wagon.


  1. Anonymous6:28 PM

    That orange flake... is just insane!!

  2. The gauge you asked about is an altimeter. Look at the words around the center of the dial.