Tuesday, April 17, 2012

340 Wedge, the biggest and last factory engine call out on a hood since the 60's Nascar racers were out to impress with their engine sizes. A unique decal for any maker, and the only one Mopar did that I know of

 I think this is the most factory correct of the ones I photograpghed and are posted here.
 I think on the streets I've only ever seen one of these, and never at a car show before.


  1. Actually, if you look at an ad from Plymouth, you obviously would view a "correct" placement of the decal from the factory. The pic up top that you noted does not look close at all as to where the proper placement is...just sayin'.

    1. ok. Well, the rest are, and the point I was making is valid, and since NO ONE sees this decal often enough to eyeball it being incorrectly placed, then I guess the world will keep rolling along without much disappointment that the angle of the top guy's decal wasn't clocked exact enough for Corvettes at Bloomington's judges. Fortunately, it's a MOPAR and we are happy to see the decal, and not persnickety about the perfect placement. Geeez! Not close at all? Hell man, it's right side up on the driver's side of the car, and at an angle approximately correct to give it a 45 to the front or side of the hood. Please, have a beer, and feel better.