Monday, April 16, 2012

1970 Coronets compared, at the Mopars at the Strip 2012

 Differences like the hoods, here are 3 types. Only the above is the one I've only ever seen on the 1970 Coronet of any optional type, but the above is also a car made by the owner the way he wanted it. The R/T scoop, the 1969 bumble bee stripe, the yellow striped rims... looks damn good.
 The above seems to have had a nice choice of the 1969 hood scoops, and good choice of rims

 not only does this one have the 440 six pack hood from the '69 1/2 Super Bee and Road Runner, but a purpose built scoop on the carb to catch more air than that ginormous hood does...
 I took the tail panel photos to show the difference in the brake lights, from the above yellow Super Bee
 I can't dig up reference photos of 1970 Super Bees and Coronets  right now, but the above taillight design might be due to the "500" model, or the Canadian plates could indicate the small difference the Canadian models recieved
This is the first car I've seen with a voltmeter to keep a check on the battery, but not the last, I found another later that day. 

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