Saturday, September 10, 2011

Women, and the automotive world... specifically the Islamic/Muslim country of Saudi Arabia, which outlawed women drivers (male chauvinism, no religious text from their holy book, or decree from Muhammad spoke of cars, nor of women drivers)

So.. .  why don't men let women drive in Saudi Arabia? Women have been riding horses since before written history in Suadi Arabia... and the main bullshit line the Saudi govt ( the Saud family) give is that women are (by religious decree) supposed to modest... and sitting in a car behind the wheel is less modest than sitting a horse?

Chauvanism and religion have no logic, nor intelligent answer to a question that asks for facts.

This year of the Arab Spring of revolution the women in Suadi Arabia are protesting the nonsense and risking persecution, prosecution, harassment, and jail time with unreported indignities.

Show some support to those women... they are someone's sister, someone's mom. They don't deserve this crap simply because they were born in a country run by assholes.

To give them encouragement and support, let them know on Facebook and Twitter, or tell the US State Dept to keep hounding the Suadi Govt.

Saudi woman aren't alone in dealing with dumb ass men keeping them from equal rights, General Motors in 1957 hired 9 women to be designers, and paid them less than the men. Indianapolis Motor Speedway didn't give women access to the pits til 1971

I just got motivated to write about this from the new issue of Automobile Magazine, Oct 2011

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