Sunday, September 04, 2011

the Sting Ray, most desired bike for kids in the 70's

 Getting a photoshoot at the Orange Country dragstrip with a real slingshot dragster... must have made this kids whole year.


  1. Yes...I still kick myself for allowing an Apple Krate rust away to junk.

  2. I've got a 1973 Sunset Orange Krate Stingray with the disc brake in the back. Now that I'm fifty eight years old, I often reflect back to my childhood when my parents were too poor to buy me one, but now I have nine Stingrays, I'm a collector. As for the previous post, many people in my age group are kicking themselves for not keeping their old Stingrays or at least taking better care of them. My Orange Krate is as in good of condition as the one pictured here.
    I also own a 1963 Stingray, one of the very first year Stingrays made. Schwinn didn't get the bike right until 1965. The 63' and 64's were too low to the ground and had too short of a crank arm stroke. The banana seat is better than the 63 $ 64 Polo seat, because the banana seat allowed for more of an ability for the rider to push on the peddles better by pushing back on the seat.
    Lastly, I'd like to comment that this bike in the picture has the brake levers too far down.

  3. I'm looking for a bike that looks a bit like the stingray. It was a BIG tube bike in orange that I had in the early 70's. On the main diagonal bar it has the words "THE BOSS" in black bold letters. Had a shifter like the stingray but had a shifter base like that of an early mustang (car) that was in black. Can't find any pics of one to help out with. If anyone has seen or knows of me please. (