Sunday, August 21, 2011

turbo Busa powered 1966 mini Cooper

240 hp at 1500 pounds. Must be really fun! In comparison, the porsche Spyder from the factory weighed about 1250pounds and had 110 hp. A kit car with a tricked out engine will get about 230 hp, so this Cooper has nearly the power to weight of a racing Porsche Spyder. Pretty damn amazing

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  1. Are you the owner of this mini? I met a gentleman a few months past with this car. I even checked my own pics and it's the same plate. I work for a magazine and would love to do an article on this treasure for our blog and possibly for our magazine. Especially since you told me personally it was in your family for 13 years. I have not stopped thinking about this beauty since I laid eyes on it in the parkinglot in front of the Chevron on Waring Rd, so I did a google search on a mini cooper in san diego with a hayubusa engine. My name is Yogi, however I forgot your name :/ Could you please contact me at