Saturday, July 23, 2011

Motoring Magazine and Motor Life, 1913, and available online to read at your leisure


 I enjoy reflecting on the cars of 100 years ago, it's amazing that they were all simple enough for a gearhead like me to work on, repair, or improve on.

 What do you make of the above tire covers? A primitive retread? And that company name, Leather Tire Goods... what leather tire goods did they make?

I think I've pointed out several times that roads were so bad that tires were lucky to last a couple thousand miles, just last week I found a photo of a the "3000 mile club" tires that were amazing enough to get that kind of recognition.

the above is a Winton


  1. Of the twenty-four makes listed in the first image, only two (Buick and Ford) still survive today.

    1. isn't it crazy how many companies made good cars, and went out of business? Those company engineers, owners, founders, etc etc all knew and believed they had a solid business model, product, and distribution, but none of them could make a profit in the long term