Thursday, July 21, 2011

Marvel Comics and Monster Trucks, new trucks based on Marvel superheroes! 2012 event cancelled

335 6th Ave is a warehouse that has events when Comic Con happens each year, last year it was decked out like Flynn's arcade from the movie Tron

Cancelled  the July 2012 Qualcomm Stadium event MARVEL MONSTERGEDDON, Cancelled

How do they get a monster truck to stand on it's nose? The tires alone are somewhere around to 800 pounds apiece...

the big event of the day was the unveiling of the Cap'n America Monster Truck

 You can tell that Caps shield is where a pickup bed would be, but there was no where to get a good picture of it from above

Driven back and forth in front of Comic Con, it fired up the motor to catch attention for a couple moments going in each direction... good idea!

Thanks to Sara, Joice, and Sean!

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