Friday, June 10, 2011

extremely great photos from 21 studs tumblr part 1

pre 1940's gas station, just an awesome photo, and a rare early color one
Only advertising big wheel I've ever seen, great idea!
Unusual Superbird with a 1970's funly paint job

3 ads in one dealership... Rambler, Jackson, and India, I like that slogan "No sand too deep, no hill too steep"

What are they doing with this elephant? Trying to break the car?
Rockwell was such a talented artist and pretty good at humor too

Clint Eastwood

Katherine Hepburn?

Petty on the left, Yarborough on the righ if I recall correctly, in the Woods Brothers Mercury
Jimi Hendrix

Why did Ford have more ugly Falcon models than good looking Mustangs? is where all of these came from


  1. tus fotos y reportajes son increíbles y muy buena fuente de inspiración, gracias!!!

  2. Anonymous7:27 AM

    Looks like Katharine Hepburn on the scooter, not Audrey