Tuesday, June 07, 2011

railway station in Budapest bombed in WW2 left to rest in peace, still shows a 1940's moment in time

photos from http://altoman.blog.hu/2011/05/28/urbex_mav_temeto_es_halott_palyaudvar_part_i found via the great guys who somehow keep astonishing us with incredble things http://stipistop.com


  1. From what I've heard there are still a lot of old bombed out places in Budapest. You only have to get a block or two behind the buildings tourists see along the main routes.

    1. I live in hungary, and it is not true. There are ugly, ruined places, but they aren't untidy because the bombings in the second world war. These apartments and factories (mostly) got build after the world war, but after the system change they got occupied, and nobody cared about them. Some other houses are in a bad condition, but they are untidy and dangerous, because their inhabitants (old, poor people mostly) can't afford to renovate their buildings.

  2. Great pictures - very much to do with 'peace'