Tuesday, March 15, 2011

61 Belvedere, cool dash design elements

Big old two door... and this one only got a straight 6.
Bet it can't break the speed limit in a school zone.

Very Jetson's speedometer instrument pod

This is an interation of the push button transmission. There seem to be about 6 different mopar configurations of the buttons. I'm looking to collect the whole set of photos and post a gallery of them


  1. The button transmission!!! Very nice! This is new for me, I hadn't seen!

  2. Thanks God for Virgil Exner. I love those late 50's, early 60's Chrysler products. Quirky doesn't begin to describe them!

  3. The eccentricity of this makes it beautiful to me, especially the rear view and that instrument display.

  4. That has got to be the coolest dash I've ever seen!

  5. In addition to loving everything about this dashboard, the dash mounted rear view mirror is awesome!!