Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Chester Osgood's 1926 Ford roadster, built in the 40's to race on the dry lakes, considered one of the 25 most significant hot rods


  1. What a survivor. Would love to get behind the wheel, just once! Whitey's son Dan attends my church and is very proud of the work his dad did on many hot rods, this being one of the classics.

  2. Hi, my Dad was a good friend of Chet's as a kid I remember going to his house and seeing this car. He and my Dad were building an engine for one of his other roadsters when Chet passed away. here is a link to the engine
    I also have a few pics of the car from back then if you are interested.

    1. I simply photograph and share. That's what I do. That link, is to pinterest. It links to another site to see the engine without the blur factor, and that link is dead.
      So, nothing to see there.
      If you want to email me photos, cool,
      But unless the photos are either in great sharp detail, exciting shot in action, or show something cool and unusual, like a car with unusual bodywork, that I haven't displayed above in high res, high def, full color, then it's not likely to be more interesting than what I've already posted.
      I hope you do share cool old photos, but, I'm trying to display only the most amazing, cool, unusual, etc that will entertain and fascinate my readers, hence my posting this car.
      So, I hope you've got great stuff to share, but I don't want you to believe that I have a need to show them
      I hope you share them on Facebook, etc or send them to Hot Rod magazine, or Hot Rod Deluxe instead.