Saturday, February 12, 2011

Duece of Spades movie review

It's a good movie, and incredible that it's the first for the (writer, director, producer, set director, music, editor) do it all - Faith Granger

I'd give it a 2 stars out of 4, editing and storyline could have been improved and cut down a bit. Remember, it's a good movie, and I'm not a professional movie critic, I do this for free.

The sets, costumes, cars, realistic dialog, and humor are beyond reproach. In fact, compliments on the dialog not being censored, actually... kudos to Faith fro not censoring any damn thing. You can tell I mean it, I swore. No ratings board bullshit, just real people talking like we do.

Serious praise for the sets, 1950s without error, nothing distracting or out of place, so if you'd like a look at the way it was, bingo, she nailed it. The production value is high, terrific

Funniest scene, the main character is determined to convince his love interest that she should get in his car, and tries every single day to give her a ride to school (they are both teens, it's cool) and without any dialog it's damn funny, this has to be directed to the actors and directors credit. Like Pixar, a short or scene does not rely on dialog to keep the audience riveted.

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