Thursday, February 17, 2011

just passing time on the curbside in Argentina and Uruguay, from aptly named Fossils Mechanical, by Gabriel and his friends

Notice this cab is chained to the tree

and this is cabled to something out of the shot

the above and the below pair are Mercedes

Above 1938 Ford
The above 2cv Citreon has a unique story, there is a special compartment under the seat where it's owners ashes were put, as his dying wish was to be a part of the car, and the city, until it may be towed away. (Doesn't look like towing is a big priority)

1934 Ford

Above, 1960 panhard that was pulled out of storage
If you enjoy the wonder of what is just over the next hill, around the next bend, and on the next block that is waiting for someone to notice and fix up, you'll enjoy

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