Sunday, February 13, 2011

Harley Davidson buried for 48 years in Belgium, dug out by the grandson

Wow, I'd freak out to find a Harley... and the buried treasure aspect. Wouldn't that make your year !?!?

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Digging for the story on the internet was finally successful, the story briefly was that a small town young guy has a new Harley shipped to him in Belgium. Eventually he crashed on it, put it in the backyard, had a family, and in 1961 his young daughter was paying on it, fell, and it made the guy so mad he buried it. So the man dug up an old well and dumped the bike into it.

Just recently in Oct 2009 the story made it into the news after months of trying to talk the (now Old man) reluctant grandad into allowing an excavation, and a bottle of gin to lubricate the deal, he got some buddies to help shovel... and unearthed it after 48 years of a dirt nap


  1. got scared of it...let it gets hurt playin on he buried it? what a dick. first, why get a MC if you cant ride? then disrespect the machine by letting it sit? then...burying that machine because someone failed to supervise a child? man, im pissed.

    1. my thoughts exactly

    2. I need a time machine to go back and kick that dude in the nards.

  2. So you might be able to use the cranks if you can dig them out of the alluminum oxide..the rest of it is returned to the earth.

    What a moron burying it.