Thursday, April 02, 2009

1968 Bizzarrini Duca d'Aosta

One Strada owner’s passion for his car led to the ultimate street Bizzarrini. The Duke of Aosta was in his 20s and resided outside Florence, and the engineer remembers him buying a Strada that he used a lot.
In fact, he liked his Strada so much he approached me, wanting a car that was even more racy. I offered him [P538 003], but he was too tall and didn’t fit.’
And so was born the car you see here, the Duca D’Aosta, designed and built from scratch. Bizzarrini and his men made a P538 chassis and invited the Duke to Bizzarrini’s small factory in Livorno. They took his measurements and went to work making a new car to debut at 1968’s Turin Auto Show.
At around the same former Bertone and Ghia designer Giorgietto Giugiaro (who had just formed ItalDesign) expressed an interest to build a striking show car based on the P538 chassis.

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  1. Cool, A little corvettish from the rear. Interesting