Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Ken Lingenfelter collection, Brighton Michigan

Dec 2010 update: For a video of the garage, that the video owner insists you see on Youtube instead of here (WTF?)

New gallery (Mar 2010) WITHOUT the damn watermarks:

One of Ken's cousins was John. A red Lingenfelter in the photo at: is the commemorative edition for the death of John. It has 740 HP! The collection seems to be driven quite a bit as evidenced by current registration. He also just built a new addition out back for another 26 cars to be delivered from another warehouse.
Only 21 Reventons were made, 20 for sale and 1 for the Lamborghini Museum.
His warehouse has three separate rooms with around 40 cars or so in each room. The first one has foreign exotics, the 2nd has Vettes, and the last is muscle cars. More rooms are being built
Ken made his fortune in the title industry. He sold his company for something under 500 million. His dad was a GM exec, he bought LPE after John died.

For a flikr gallery of each of the 3 rooms, Super room

Vette room

Muscle room for a 5 page gallery... photography courtesy of Andrew who has access to some amazing cars, and is a smidgen away from making art of the photos he takes!


  1. Those are all owned by one person, Ken Lingenfelter.

  2. Hi, I'm the official Photographer of this collection.

    When Ken sold the company, it wasn't anywhere near 500 Million...

    you can view one of the original threads on this collection over at Ferrarichat's Michigan regional board


    Additionally, I have a number of the cars in hi-res on my website -->Detroit/Photoshoots.

    I'll be happy to answer any question about the collection

  3. Anonymous6:58 PM

    Hey, thanks for cropping my watermark off. Really appreciate that.
    Andrew @

  4. Anonymous9:50 PM

    There are also much more than 25 cars per room.. 124 total at least, so more like 40 per room

  5. Wondering...Its a personnel room or showroom. All are very luxiruous.