Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Bad news

Pelosi is introducing a "Cash for Clunkers" bill into the currently under developement economy stimulation package. This isn't just bad for the obvious reason, it's stupid... but it was also called out for being bad for business for charity donations. They raise money from those donated cars.

It's bad for the poor high school and college kids who (just like me) couldn't scrape up much money from mowing lawns, painting houses, and chopping wood type jobs when I was in school. Cheap junker cars are all that is within the budget for kids. Heck, their insurance costs are bad enough, why make the only cars they can afford dissappear?

What about all the repair shops that keep the bills paid, by keeping over the hill vehicles on the road? I worked for one once, and the reason they are in business is the large number of people with run down cars, who keep them going, one repair at a time.

But how do you get politicians to understand? They raise millions of dollars, deal in billions at work, and don't have to pay for transportation, gas, or repairs.

"WASHINGTON, D.C.–SEMA, the Specialty Equipment Market Association, is actively opposing an effort by some Congressional lawmakers to include a nationwide “Cash for Clunkers” program in the economic stimulus package currently being considered in Washington. Cash for Clunkers, or scrappage as it is more commonly known, would use taxpayer dollars to purchase and crush older vehicles into blocks of scrap metal. There is no evidence that the program will achieve the goal of boosting new car sales.
Many states have considered these programs in the past as a way to help clean the air but abandoned the effort because they simply don’t work. The programs are not cost-effective and do not achieve verifiable air quality or fuel economy benefits." http://stylingperformance.search-autoparts.com/stylingandperformance/Industry+News/SEMA-Opposes-Federal-Cash-For-Clunkers-Program/ArticleStandard/Article/detail/573741?contextCategoryId=43339

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