Thursday, January 08, 2009

"Awesome Nostalgia" Drag racing.. nothing compares to the experience

Completely off the ground.
This doesn't look like the far lane is going to have a good landing

Why it's more important to have a scattershield around the trans, and the engine in the back. Those flying parts are also rotating, at between 4 to 9 thousand rpm... notice the tires are still spun up... and those spinning discs will slice through any thing that gets in the way. Be careful out there, and have fun.
That's the timing lights in the upper left of the photo, and the front tires are off the ground, the Moon Eyes are looking at the track they'd desperately like to get back to, and the slicks arec oming off the bead of the rim.
Paradise Mesa dragstrip in San Diego

Petty's Barracuda
This is gonna break parts when it comes back to earth

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