Sunday, September 14, 2008

Poway transmissions annual car show

"Pidgin German" dashboard control labels such as Das Glimmerblinken for the light switch, Der Drizzleflippen for wiper switch, Die Warmercougher for choke, Das Schmokegedunka for ashtray, and Der Puttersparken for the ignition.
I love this kind of humor! I first saw it in April at the Coronado car show (last photo of the set ) in this car

or in German...
Das Glimmerblinken" (für Lichtschalter), "Das Drizzleflippen" (für den Scheibenwischer), "Die Warmercougher" (für Starthilfezugknopf), "Das Schmokegedunka" (Ascher) oder "Der Puttersparken" (für Zündung).
One not on this bug is "Der Coolercougherventenflippen" for the vent lever

1971 Impala, one of 497,000 made, and I doubt we'll ever see another one again. Strange trunk shape and design though.

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