Saturday, September 20, 2008

Nitro nights, the La Salle / Cadillac car show, and Wavecrest...

I'm working through about a 1000 photos to post the best for you, so please enjoy the archives for a little while, and take my advice, go back to the beginning... November 2006 and see how much you've missed. Lots of cool ads from the late 60's in the first month, lots of eye candy and short takes from the magazines, great stuff from around the internet.

I've done the hardest part, posting the good stuff I've found, and then the easy part, giving you a link to the 1st page...

I believe you'll enjoy. If you enjoy it more than you expect, email me or comment, 'cause the comments are now enabled on all the posts.

Thank you for visiting, and look around while I make the future posts happen.

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