Friday, June 06, 2008

Something is rotten in Tempe Arizona, a cop arrested (for DUI) the wife of the attorney who beats DUI arrests, she hadn't had anything to drink

Heather Squires' blood alcohol content that night was 0.00. The records prove, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that she was an exemplary designated driver.
She hadn't had a drop to drink.

In total, five cops reported to the scene. (Nice use of Mesa's tax dollars, eh?) And not one of them did anything to stop the madness. Not one of them noticed that the woman they were arresting was as sober as an undertaker.

the affidavit that Officer Gonzalez wrote that night about Heather Squires, intending to ask the Motor Vehicles Division of ADOT to yank her license.
It describes "bloodshot and watery eyes."
"Flushed face."
"Strong odor of an alcoholic beverage emitting from breath."
All this on a woman who was sober.
Anyone at that scene should have noticed that Heather Squires didn't smell of alcohol, that her eyes weren't bloodshot, that her face wasn't flushed. She wasn't, after all, drunk.

Her husband, Jason, is a DUI attorney based in Mesa.
A few months before Heather's arrest, in fact, he helped a client beat the rap for extreme DUI at a jury trial, even though records suggest the guy was guilty.
The officer who arrested the guy? Bond Gonzalez — the same cop who would arrest Heather Squires.