Friday, June 06, 2008

La Mesa is out to ticket "show" cars that arrive and park for over 2 hours without moving, if they arrive before 3 and not move after 2 hours

Even if you keep feeding the meter. Odds are that not a single mediocre, everyday cookie cutter, run of the mill new car gets a single ticket for this "CRIMINAL ACT". Not a single car, truck, or SUV, made since the 90's and not standing out from the crowd by being interesting will get a ticket for feeding the meter and remaining stationary in the same metered parking spot for over 2 hours and keeping the meter fed and green will be looked at twice.

This is prejudiced selective targeting law enforcement. It is the proverbial "cutting it's own throat" and "biting the hand that feeds it" that will remind hot rodders why La Mesa is better avoided and left to the luddites (opposed to free market) and morphodites (Combining two opposing qualities(want cars for the show, doesn't want them parked for the whole day) ) that are running it into the ground.

Here is another way of saying it: they don't want hot rods to park and not move, on the main drag, on car show day, even if you pay the meter for 3 hours, if you can find parking before 3pm for your hot rod..... it's only yours for 2 hours and then they will ticket you if you don't move along and give up the choice parking you made an effort to grab before someone else squatted there.

No more bringing your show car, sports car, muscle car, motorbike, antique, etc etc and staying all day in one parking spot while feeding the meter if you arrive before 3.

No more. The La Mesa Police Dept have been ordered to give a ticket to the very car cruise vehicles they invite to the downtown main drag to bring in locals and tourists who won't go to La Mesa for any other reason, except to see the hot rods, motorbikes, sports cars, and antiques, for arriving before 3 and staying put in the metered choice parking you arrive early to get in order to park with your car club, your friends, your preferred corner by a restaurant or bar.

The town of La Mesa seems to have decided to go back to dying off slowly from lack of people coming to spend their money, and join the rest of the businesses that have went elsewhere after losing the financial income of antique buyers, who no longer shop in La Mesa. Just like the defunct antique rows of Adams Ave, El Cajon, and other citys around San Diego that once were central stops for antique hunters who could park and shop all day without moving their car, while going from one antique shop to another, all day long. Too bad for the businesses that have just opened, since last years car shows stopped for the winter. The hot rods won't put up with this BS, we have Chula Vista on Tuesday, El Cajon on Wednesday, and Escondido on Friday where we are welcome, not harrassed, and enjoy a bigger crowd of admirers. If the cruise cities weren't enough, there are car shows every weekend too.

What do you know, I caught this by accident, a posted sign from the village of La Mesa, and there is no mention of moving your vehicle if you park there before 3, and decide to stay put and feed the meter past the initial 2 hours. Huh, how about that?

Just "Please feed meters until 5 pm" ... Well that is what we want to do to keep our hot rods in place and not get ticketed!