Sunday, May 18, 2008

I love the early 60's and all the 50's Vettes, the rest are just cookie cutter, dime a dozen, show up with cash and have one just like every other one

This Sunfire Yellow with the black stinger has the 427... which is similar to my R/T in color and engine size (both are yellow with black, my R/T has a 426) It would be cool to get a shot of both our cars next to each other.

52 thou for a base new Vette, 85 thou for a Z06... prices as of last week, Courtesy Chevrolet Mission Valley San Diego. So why spend a day getting a sunburn to park next to 2 dozen other identical new cars just like yours? If that makes sense, just stand in a dealership lot all morning and all afternoon.

I don't get it, but here are some cool cars in the show that make it worth going there.