Tuesday, May 20, 2008

1961 Ford Comet.... not a Mercury Comet, and I find that surprising, news to me, and cool!

170 cu in.

Comet keys are original
The radio has two significant features: it's the only place on the car the word Ford appears, and there are two small triangles along the bar (under the numbers) next to the 7 and the 12.... I've never heard of this, noticed them, etc etc, but the owner tells me that they are indicators of where to tune for emergency radio broadcasts, due to the car being made during the Korean War. Huh, how about that?! If true, that's some far out trivia!

It's a 2 speed, and when this was told to a friend of the owner, they responded with "2? Which ones? Forward and Reverse?" Yeah, some people have that little familiarity with cars.
This may be an original floor mat, but what is this crest?
This door is a replacement, and a direct one at that, from a 61 Falcon
the gas cap... I've never seen one like this before, and it's the original