Saturday, May 24, 2008

Buick Wildcat, had one of the best designed symbols, and rarely seen
Interestingly, engine names referred to engine torque output rather than engine displacement. The "Wildcat 445" was a 401 CID V8 that produced a peak torque rating of 445 ft·lbf (603 N·m), while the "Wildcat 465" was a 425 CID V8 that produced 465-FT-LB of torque. The "dual quad" version of the Wildcat 465 was dubbed "Super Wildcat."
There was a guy in San Diego who took a dual quad 455 out of a Wildcat and stuffed it into his 71 Dodge Charger. When I asked him "Why?!" He responded that he was a tinkerer. aka goofball who had too much time on his hands, a rare engine, and a need for extra attention. You know the type.