Saturday, May 19, 2007

A Spawn fan and an airbrush artist... you must see the work this guy's done!

From Corona, and in San Diego for both Corvette shows this weekend, he airbrushed this car after he and his wife first stripped all the factory paint off. Now that is prep work! In upcoming work, there is a 69 Coronet, a 71 Roadrunner, and a 72 Charger. the Road Runner is a 440 4 spd, and for sale... so get ahold of Jason now to give input into how it turns out!
You can bet I'm crazy over the Mopars that will be fixed up by Jason.
This job would cost you around 8-9 thou from Airhead Kustoms, about 1/2 what other shops will charge you. That's a shop with a reputation to build on value and quality. Keep in mind that just the paint and materials are going to run close to 2 thou.