Sunday, May 13, 2007

1929 Buick, Silver Anniversary. 49,408 original miles.

Slightly blurry, but still easy to read, it's the "Carbueretor Heat" lever... how about that? I've never seen or heard of such a thing.

Original fire extinguisher.... so cool

For all the little oil jobs that might arise whilst away from the garage.. a factory firewall mounted oil can. The tin man must be jealous.

Now those are decorative valve covers, again letting you know the manufacturer. Class all the way.

Please note the original AAA medallion. Rare? Well, a AAA employee said it was the proverbial hens tooth. That rare.
Wood spokes, one repaint on the body, original spare.

How about the brake light? And reverse too I think, but to advertise the Buick name on the brake light is an ingenious idea, when you are behind someone braking your eyes usually are drawn to the brake lights

Whoops., got this in here twice

The instrument panel, literally. I really am blown away at the gas gauge, a liquid indication. Wow!

Just realizing that those are slow miles (think how limited the top speed must be, even without cautious driving) and almost all in the first 20 years. Second owner was a college student, who bought this about at the beginning of WW2 I think I recall being told. The third owner was a high schooler. 4th owner never drove it, just kept it garaged and dreampt about it alot I suppose, but sold it for 6800. Not because he couldn't get more, but because the current owner is such a great guy, and the seller wouldn't take advantage of higher offers and go back on his word to the current owner. He was offered 10 thou about an hour later. Denied!
Current owner and all previous owners are Riverside locals, and this car is instantly recognized up there as "The Old Buick" that everybody and their grandparents have seen just tootling along, for 78 years, and still going strong. I think it's never been in a magazine. Ain't that a crime?