Saturday, May 19, 2007

Holy hot rod Batman! Look at the car photography of this studio commisioned by Petersen Museum for it's online photos!

1938 Delahaye type 135m coachwork by Figoni and Falashi, which was purchaed new for a customer in Oran Algeria, and was found in '92 under an olive tree in the Algerian Mouintains!
Some incredible strories, 1939 Bugatti type 57c originally given to the Prince of Persia, finally left the Shah's garage for $275 dollars in 1959. Then was owned by lots of Bugatti enthusiasts and finally restored in 1983, before ever being shown in public. The windshield is able to lower into the cowl by a hand crank!

They do amazing photography! Found by looking through an online museum tour of French 1930's aerodynamic marvels "French Curves"