Friday, May 24, 2019

Here it is folks, your one last chance to buy a new 1988 Yugo. I kid you not, someone seems to have decided after about 500 miles to store it (thanks Gary!)

that reminds me that there was a town in Pennsylvania or Maryland... someplace like that, that was given a hundred to test out.


  1. One year my sister and I took our mom back east to see where she grew up..The car rental place gave us a NOGO..It lasted 2 days and died in the Newport area with all the rich folks..
    I had to walk up to a mansion and ask to use a phone...They handed it to me through a window. Didn't want "us" inside their house...
    At least I got the phone..

  2. You can bet none of the lights work because the used a Scothlok type knife to cut the insulation and then hold the wire. Used at the stop light socket, markers lights, toy could pull the wires out with your fingers. The exhaust came one way, complete. Need a muffler, got it all. Need an exhaust pipe, got it all. These were TURDS.