Wednesday, April 24, 2019

oh what the hell is on the cops donuts? They gave a disabled woman in a mobility scooter shit for not having a helmet on... WTF? I quote ABC news: "officers stopped her for riding the scooter on a sidewalk without a helmet"

Jennifer Gayman of Brookings, Oregon, said she was driving home from a karaoke bar in November when police officers pulled her over and ticketed her even though she informed them that the scooter was prescribed by her doctor and that it was her only way of getting around, according to police bodycam footage of the incident released to ABC News on Wednesday by her lawyer.

"I don't know why this is happening to me, especially when I've been riding around this scooter for two years in this town," Gayman told ABC affiliate station KATU-TV in Portland, Oregon.

"I'm legally blind; that's why I have this," Gayman told the officers. "I'll let everybody know that you have bad laws in this town. These people ride these scooters for disabilities. You want them riding in the street so they can get hit by a car. You're kidding me?"

One of the officers responded, "It's still an electronic scooter."

The officers wrote Gayman a ticket for unsafe operation of a motor assisted scooter on a sidewalk, operation of a motor assisted scooter in a crosswalk and failure to wear protective head gear.

"You're not allowed to ride this thing without a helmet. You're not allowed to ride it in a crosswalk. You are not allowed to ride it on sidewalks. It has to stay in the bike lane," a police officer told Gayman. "Until you get a helmet you are not allowed to drive this thing."

But once Gayman was handed her citation, she took off, riding her scooter on the sidewalk.

"You're going to go to jail if you continue driving," an officer told Gayman as she drove away.

Officers then chased Gayman with their lights and siren on and radioed for backup.

They pursued Gayman all the way to the garage of her home where they handcuffed her, read her Miranda Rights, searched her and placed her under arrest on suspicion of attempting to elude police, interfering with a peace officer and disorderly conduct.

I can't make this shit up... this really hit the news the day after the judge from the 6th District Court of Appeals found that police are violating your constitutional rights by chalking your tires, and I pointed out that police suck.

And NO ONE disagreed with me.

Now this news item of cops harrassing a woman in a handicapped wheelchair? Don't they see that people with wheelchairs are among the most respected people in the country? They get the best damn parking spots available, EVERYWHERE! DO NOT mess with people in a wheelchair!


  1. I suspect this cop was dropped a few times on his head as a kid.