Wednesday, September 19, 2018

well, this is different. Right hand steering, must be an Aussie ute, a 1937 Dodge specifically

Chrysler-Dodge-De Soto Distributors (Australia) Pty Ltd was formed in 1935, as a consortium of 18 independent importers to achieve a stronger operation than individual importers in each state.

The body-building firm TJ Richards had been building car bodies since 1913 and created the ute because import tariffs prevented cars being imported fully built-up.

This is a 38

Here is another 37

The company was taken over by the Chrysler Corporation in 1951.   (thanks Gary!)


  1. The steering is on the right...I wonder if it's not an Aussie ute.
    Sure is nice looking.

    1. I missed that! Of course you're right

  2. The license plate is a 'club permit' or historic type. Apparently there are significant restriction on how you can use a vehicle on those plates.

  3. Meant to add that one is from the state of Victoria.