Friday, September 21, 2018

the word on Facebook is that this truck from CHiPS, was also used on Rockford Files, but painted gold. Nothing on IMCDb about it though


  1. Just watching series 1-5 this summer, with out Larry Wilcox and a few other regulars from the previous few years, series 6 just seems goofy..

    I do remember seeing under the hood shots of this truck a different color... But this is a stepside, and Rocky's truck was a regular box...

    Here is a picture of James Garner standing in front of Rocky's truck on a mag cover.

    There were a few trucks that they used for Baker's truck... One or two episodes they pretty much wrecked fill in/stunt trucks.

    1. Well, I just pass along the stuf I find interesting... I can't take the amount of time it would require to vet every claim people make about vehicles... it's possible they were right, and it showed up somewhere in the Rockford Files, possibly a different color, and no one claimed it was the star truck, main character's preferred ride... just that it was on both shows.

    2. there's nothing in IMCDb about it though