Tuesday, July 11, 2017

once again, law enforcement is focused on the easy simple targets, not going after the meth dealers, car thieves, etc instead Atlanta PD is eating donuts and catching atv riders, and ignoring not-street-legal golf carts. Because rich white men drive golf carts

The Atlanta City Council passed legislation this week seeking to curb a recent proliferation of ATVs on Atlanta public streets. Councilwoman Joyce Sheperd says ATV drivers are risking their lives and the lives of others by driving recklessly and performing dangerous stunts.

Under the amended ordinance, violators could face a $750 fine for a first violation, up from $250 and a $1,000 fine for a second violation, up from $500. A third violation could garner 30 days to six months in jail, while all subsequent violations could see 60 days to six months in jail.

The use of go-karts and golf carts are not affected by the legislation.



  1. apparently rich white people also do not ride like freaking idiots with their golf carts, terrorizing neighborhoods.

    I already have garden hose filled with nails to toss into the street if these idiots make more than one pass by my house.

    1. they drive their golf carts (illegal on city streets) drunk (illegal) but no, they do not terrorize neighborhoods. You state that these young people are terrorists? Do they terrorize? Do they assault? Maim? Plunder? Then... speak most correctly and say they annoy, and you're old like I am, and you want the damn kids to get off your lawn... right?
      Garden hose, brilliant! I love it!

  2. forgot to add, that the mayor, city council, and police chief in Atlanta are black.
    so the usual racism cry isnt going to stick here, the city council member mentioned in the article, Joyce Sheperd, is black.

    and Id say that if and when the cops catch some of these idiots, they will find that quite a few of the riders have outstanding warrants, have drugs, etc.

    a few years ago the city was making noises about annexing all of unincorporated Fulton County, until a talk show host pointed out that if they did that, the majority of voters inside the newly expanded city limits would be white, and poof, no more talk of annexing any more land.

    1. Whose "usual racism cry"? Not mine.
      Sure, other peoples racist claims perhap's, just looking to clarify on that.
      It's my complaint that law enforcement is lazy, ignores white collar crime, and fixates on vehicular issues. Never business fraud, advertising fraud, laws being broken with food, restaurants, licensing, travel visas, illegal aliens, political campaigning, financial illegalities in city hall (every city in So California) etc etc. Sure, some of that falls outside the local PD realm of jurisdiction, but none of it is anything they ought to ignore because it's "not their job"

    2. will the riders be wanted for outstanding warrants? Sure, these aren't the type of people to show up for judicial proceedings once released. They aren't worried about trying to keep a squeaky clean image like so many drunk driving old white people that keep getting charged with "wet and reckless" because they can afford a good lawyer.
      Drugs? Well, again, alcohol is legal, pot is legal - and if it isn't in that state I seriously find it the fault of the draconic law makers who demonize pot in return for federal funds, just a result of the Reagan era "war on Drugs" while rich white people get blotto on wine, cocaine, heroin, and whatever else while crack was made dirt cheap and got a prison term 10 times that of cocaine.
      The mess of a law system preys on blacks. How Obama didn't have the balls to stop that I've no idea. Too high brow and upper crust Hamptons no doubt.

  3. I have been thinking about this post since you published it. I have enjoyed your blog as it covers car guy things but your hatred for the Police has been a theme in your blog for a long time. And your logic that white men are given a pass by the evil police while those same white men drive golf carts around drunk, I mean what else could they do they are evil white men, right?
    I have a friend who recently told me he is cutting out toxic people from his life. I'm sorry to say but you are toxic. I know it won't bother you one bit that you are losing one person who enjoyed your blog and you will be able to rationalize it as a "nutcase" gone, but I just wanted to let you know that I am removing you from my favorites and why.

    1. It's a theme that I hate corrupt cops, and if that rational, logical, and reasonable perspective is something you dislike more than corrupt cops, you are well and truly better off without my news of corrupt cops.
      For the record, I'm a 10 years in the Navy vet, white guy, and 3 of those years were as an MP on several bases in San Diego. That's to say that I've been a cop, and a dirty corrupt cop who is abusive, violating the law and suspects rights, and often killing innocent unarmed nonsuspects, is what pisses me off. You obviously missed my complimentary posts on good cops. And you are in favor of no one speaking up for people who need someone to stand up for them, and speak out against illegal behavior of police. You'd rather they were allowed to kill people instead of arrest them... so, you enjoy the peace and quiet you'll have when not reading my website.
      For the record I never had any input from you before, did I? Have you commented before on my posts, or emailed me your complaints, and disagreement with what I put on my site?

    2. also, I'm speaking from experience, not opinion, on cops. Also on drunk whites getting a pass. That's a fact, not an opinion. Just look up the Mayor of La Mesa, and him getting ride from the cop that found him drunk, behind the wheel. Rich white man. I'm not making shit up, I don't need to